Dohn Prep Academy
Dohn Prep is the first of its kind in Ohio. It was founded to provide student athletes with a platform to play against the nation's best prep and small college programs. Dohn Prep will provide academic support that will not only improve the student athlete's GPA but improve ACT/SAT scores as well. Dohn Prep will have a skill development program that will prepare our athletes for the next level. This program is a great bridge between high school and college and will also prepare students for life outside of sports. 

Dohn Prep Academy
2017-2018 Basketball Schedule

November 18   vs Elizabethtown Community College 4 pm
November 19   vs WPAFB 2 pm
December 3     @ Olivet College JV (MI) 3 pm
December 10   vs Ivy Tech College (Indy) 7 pm
December 28-29 Jefferson Holiday Classic (WV)
January 4 vs Denison University JV 7 pm
January 13 vs Indiana Elite Prep 7 pm
January 18 @ Elizabethtown Community College 2 pm
January 27 @ Denison University JV 7 pm
February 2 vs Olivet College (MI) 7 pm
February 9 @ Ivy Tech College (Indy) 7 pm
February 21-24 NACA Division I National Tournament  (TN)