Davenport pic w award


Ramon Davenport is not only an innovative leader, an inspiring principal, and an energetic dynamo, he is the remarkable force behind the success of Dohn Community High School.


His accomplishments range from increasing student enrollment and greatly improving the school’s graduation rate to creating and implementing several programs that accommodate student’s needs and schedules.  Mr. Davenport, along with his skilled team of educators, successfully increased the school’s state test scores.  Under his leadership, Dohn has recently implemented a new program for adults known as the 22 Plus Program.  In this program ANY adult over the age of 22 can enroll and receive a high school diploma after completing all the the program’s mandatory state requirements.

Ramon Davenport not only receives support and recognition for his great leadership from Dohn students, parents and community but also from his staff.  Last year the entire Dohn Community High School faculty honored him a with a “Creative Visionary” award.

Mr. Davenport’s accomplishments, as a great leader, are not only apparent in Cincinnati but were recognized on Friday, November 13, 2015 on the Ohio State University’s campus in Columbus during the Ohio Alliance For Public Charter School.  Congratulations Mr Ramone Davenport!