About Dohn
Welcome to the new and expanded Dohn Community High School web  site. We hope you will find answers to all your questions about our school.
DCHS is a tuition-free public charter school whose goal is to provide a quality high school program in a safe, disciplined and caring environment. Students who have not been successful in the past can succeed at Dohn if they:
  • attend school every day unless they are seriously ill
  • complete all class assignments to the best of their ability
  • stay after school and work with their teachers if they are having difficulty in class
  • treat other students and adults as they wish to be treated
The school's unique credit recovery program allows students deficient in high school credit to make up this credit during the school day, after school, or during the four-week summer school program held in June.  
The school's entire staff is dedicated to working with students and their parents to make sure all students reach their potential. By working together, the three of us (students, parents and staff) can make a difference.
The school is a non-profit tax-exempt 501(c) 3 corporation chartered by the State of Ohio and the Ohio Dept.of Education. Kids Count of Dayton, Oh is our sponsor.